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December 21, 2013
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RD: Hibiki Nakazawa (revamp) by CheshireCat-Syndrome RD: Hibiki Nakazawa (revamp) by CheshireCat-Syndrome
This is basically just a revamp of my app for the awesome :iconrabbito-dauto:

Ah! and here`s a quick sketch of his rabbit charm (because the one on the app is so tiny:

         Character description:

Bullet; Red Name: || Nakazawa Hibiki  (western style: Hibiki Nakazawa)  (Nickname: Chibiki) ||

Bullet; Red Alias:  || The siren ||

Bullet; Red Age:  || 16 ||

Bullet; Red Birthday:  || December 22nd ||

Bullet; Red Gender  || male ||

Bullet; Red Weapon Choice: || a piano wire ||

Bullet; Red Opinion On What Is Happening:  || He thinks it`s a pain and is kind of confused by it. Because of his already low trust in other people he wasn`t really surprised to see what humans are capable of when they`re cornered and not being punished for their actions  ||

Bullet; Red Relationship's: || Mother: Unknown
                                Father: Unknown
                                Is currently living together with Sayaka Shiromori (10) whom he considers a little sister (although they`re not related) ||

Bullet; Red Personality:  || Life has left it`s mark on Hibiki. For he had seen the ugly sides of human nature as well he began to be very careful in the presence of other people to the point where he didn`t even tried to build a emotional connection with them anymore. Any emotional advances will firstly be either turned down or related to a fake persona (a mask he`s hiding behind). Nevertheless he still likes to make friends as long as they aren`t asking too personal things. He`s often seen smiling although he tends to be a bit melancholic sometimes. Hibiki hates being seen as weak therefore you`ll probably not see him cry in front of you if he can somehow avoid it (He`s afraid of admitting his major weaknesses to others as he fears to be hurt/broken)   ||

Bullet; Red Likes/ Dislikes: || +puzzles, rubic cubes (although he himself doesn`t own one)
                                  +apples, pumpkins
                                  +oversized hoodies

                                  -dead fish (he thinks they`re scary but of course he`ll never admit it...)
                                  -nicknames (at least the ones that he`s constantly called with)
                                  -his "job"
                                  -squealing girls (<- although he keeps his smile they annoy/irritate him to no end) ||

Bullet; Red History:   || Growing up in an orphanage and being constantly bullied in school and at "home" 13 year old Hibiki made the decision of running away from the facility. He had some bread and an apple with him which he stole from the plate in the dinner room while no one was looking. Overall he felt a little nervous but mostly excited at the thought of finding another place to stay at where the adults hopefully weren`t that strict and the other kids weren`t that ignorant. He roamed through many streets and some districts maybe even other towns thinking his decision has been the right thing to do and mostly looking foreward to the next days, enjoying his freedom. But life is cruel.
The time his "stocks" were almost used up he met a little girl crouching in some dark alleyway searching through the dumpsters for food. He shared his leftover food with her and they talked about everything and anything. i turned out that she hadn`t gotten a name since she didn`t remember a life outside of the streets. The moment he named her Sayaka she began following him everywhere claiming that "only a family cares to give names. So you`re my family Onii-chan?" The day after they settled in an abondoned warehouse.
When all the bread was eaten and every attempt to steal food from bakeries or citizens was unsuccessful Hibiki started doing several minijobs since he wasn`t old enough to work in a factory. The first few jobs were very little tasks like delivering food to certain houses or take a few orders in restaurants. He did several jobs at once since otherwise they wouldn`t be able to buy food or clothes they needed. When the prices for food got higher but his wages stayed low he began changing jobs on regular basis since he didn`t got enough payment.
Roughly a year after he ran away Nakazawa didn`t do mini- jobs like he used to but dealt and smuggled drugs so him and his little sister could proceed living in the run-down flat he was paying an insolently high rent for, as well as eat and dress like ordinary people.
When Sayaka turned 8 in the same year Hibiki made another decision: His sister should be able to attend a proper school to learn and get away from the streets as well as to socialize with other children her age. But the school nearest to them that just held entrance exams cost much money. Too much. More than he would ever get even with dealing drugs since the number of people buying wasn`t too high thanks to a rivaling dealer.
Even though he knew it was most likely to be the biggest mistake of his life he borrowed money from a "friend" he knew through delivering goods (packages he knew better than to look inside).
And he should be right.
His so called "friend" forced him to pay the money back. Not only the amount of money he had borrowed but also an almost comedically high rate of interest that he knew he could never pay.
Therefore the other considered him as "bought" and forced him into various businesses the latest and most frequent being prostitution in which he`s known as "the siren" for enchanting the most male and female visitors.

Sayaka is currently attending Elementary School. She was the only one to ever notice how much he changed during these years.

Bullet; Red Other: -His name was given to him by his caretakers in the orphanage while his surename was give to him by himself
               -While he doesn`t mind physical contact, emotional connection seems to be a big no for him
               -He still wears the clothes of his last "job" since he fell asleep with them still on
                 -> Because he had a customer before falling asleep the bruises and scratches he received are still very much visible
               -You`ll have to spent much time and patience on him until he will form a (real) bond with you
               -He`ll do anything if that means he can somehow protect his family
               -He`s left-handed
               -He has a little sister complex
               -Is more street wise since he didn`t attend school for 3 years
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